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Recording Details
Вокруг Света

catalog no: ROCT 5289-56
Volume 6 in a collection of world performers including one track by Yma Sumac. The following countries are represented:

In some countries, such as the United States, where the public domain laws are different, this may be considered to be a Bootleg release. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Аккорд - Monophonic - 1960 Russia   10" LP

Historical notes
Liner Notes
This release does not have liner notes

Side A

  1. Jorge Goulart (Sing, My Country, Written By A. Vermelho)
  2. Yma Sumac * (This Song For You, Traditional)
  3. P. Boone (Tell It to the music, Written By I. Berlin)
  4. Unknown Artist (We will dance together, Orchestra Unknown, Written By A. Pradella)
  5. Heidi Brühl (You're with me, Written By Abro and Souter)
  6. Unknown Artist (Under the clock, Orchestra Unknown, Written By I. Tsankov)

Side B

  1. Catherine Sauvage (Life, Written By L. Ferret)
  2. Tommy Steele (First Love, Written By Corti)
  3. Marian Powers (Tipi Tipsy, Written By H. Gitts
  4. Domenico Modugno (Goodbye, Bambina, Written By Domenico Modugno)
  5. Unknown Artist (City lights, Orchestra Unknown, Written By B. Ignatieff)

* Translated from Russian title

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