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Yma Sumac's Real Birthdate
The biographies written through the years have usually had Yma Sumac's birthdate sometime in September but the very early ones had the year as early as 1921 while later ones had it as 1922 or later. The majority have had the year as 1927 with very recent biographies, especially those on the Internet, somehow ending up with the year as being 1928 or even 1929! We hope to help clear up the date once and for all:

Official date: September 10, 1922

This date is based on many things. For one thing, her first radio broadcast was in 1942 and people who were there indicate that she was a woman in her early 20s at the time rather than a young teenager as she would have been had she been born in 1927 or 1928 (or 1929). Her family says that the date was the 12th but Yma has always celebrated it on the 10th which we believe to be the correct day.

It is also our belief that she was not actually born in Ichocán, Perú but instead in a nearby village or possibly in Lima. We believe that her family had a ranch in Ichocán where she spent most of her life.

Zoila Augusta Emperatríz Chavarri del Castillo is her given name though her friends call her Perita. Back to Top