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Cyndi Lauper Song MOTHER-Yma Sumac sampling
Hi to all! I'm Marco from Italy, and I'm a huge fan of Yma Sumac Voice and also of Cyndi Lauper- I was nicely surprised to find the Sisters Of Avalon cd and You Don't Know cd single in the list of Yma records, but was disappointed reading about Yma's Samplings on the song MOTHER being not recognizable, even after many listenings!!! WHAT?????? WHO wrote that??? If You REALLY listen to the song MOTHER , you can CLEARLY listen to the beginning of YAWAR from Legend of the Jivaro!!! The SAME EXACT beginning as recorded by YMA SUMAC! Obviously, the samplings are not recognizable in the You don't know song and in the remixes, 'cause the samplings are NOT IN THIS SONG!!! they are just contained in the B-side MOTHER!! an amazing song and a great tribute from a great artist-lauper-to a true LEGEND of Music- Sumac. marco
posted by Marco Zambelli on Friday, May 2nd, 2008 at 10:37:21 PM
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Cyndi Lauper Song MOTHER-Yma Sumac sampling
I am the one who wrote that the sampling in Mother was unrecognizable. On the CD I have, I see the credits in the booklet but the sampling is NOT recognizable although I imagine there are different mixes where it can be heard more clearly. In mine, it cannot be heard at all, and I do know Yma Sumac's material quite well as I am the Web master of this site!
response posted by Don Pierson on Friday, May 2nd, 2008 at 11:10:40 PM
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