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Yma on «Aprile» original soundtrack
Hello, i'm a Portuguese journalist preparing an article on Miss Sumac's career. I'm a big fan of hers and of other artists from the same period. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find her records in Portugal. But, until now, I managed to survive.

Checking your very well done web page, I noticed that something is missing: Yma Sumac is represented in the OST's of two recent movies: «Big Lebowski» and another one that's not mentioned -- «Aprile», from the italian director Nanni Moretti. Yma is definitely «in», with two songs -- «Bo Mambo» and «Gopher Mambo», from the album «Mambo!».

I think this is news and hope you include it in your page, so that all Yma's fans can know about it.
posted by Archive Entry on Saturday, December 5th, 1998 at 7:11:00 AM

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Yma on «Aprile» original soundtrack
Thanks! I didn't know about the use of Yma Sumac's voice in the Italian movie. I would need to have more details to be able include it in the Homepage's information so will look into it.

Another tid-bit that I just learned this weekend while out of town: a 'sampling' of Yma Sumac's Mambo album is used on the new CD by the great Somalian pop singer, Maryam Marsal. It's just the horn instrumental but is unmistakable. Similarly, Puff Daddy in their recent album, No Way Out used an instrumental sampling from Xtabay in one of the tracks.

Thanks for your kind words about the Homepage! I'm glad you like it!
response posted by Archive Entry on Monday, December 7th, 1998 at 2:14:00 AM

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