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catalog no: CD 830 62702-5
Despite EMI and Sony logos this interesting collection, which also includes tracks by great Peruvian performers Wara Wara, Siwar Q'ente and Martina Portocarrero, has countless typos and discrepancies of origin as to make the legitimacy of it questionable. Although stated made in France, it was likel . . . 2006 France
catalog no: 3128692
Limited edition, subtitled Nova 1956-1980, seems to show unusual years for the Yma Sumac songs that are included, which have no relation to their original releases. Both are from her 1954 Mambo! album. 2007 France
catalog no: CB 646882
Three CD set features 66 lounge and easy listening favorites including a track by Yma Sumac 2001 Netherlands
2-CD set features one track by Yma Sumac from her 1954 Mambo! album. 2010 Italy
catalog no: 23351
76 Hits and Rarities from the goddess of Exotica. More details and track for this September 2012 collection coming soon. 2012 United Kingdom
catalog no: ISBN: 0091836409
Interesting boxed set with hardback cookbook called The Cosmic Feast along with a 12 track CD. Package illustrations by Mambo artist, David McKay. There is one song to each Zodiac star sign with Yma Sumac's Gopther Mambo featured for Scorpio. Shown here is a B/W version of the book cover. 1997 Australia
Although this double CD has the tracks in a different order, it is basically the CD version of the LP, The Very Best of Yma Sumac, and is one of the few known pressings from Greece. 2003 Greece
Three CD set features performances by some of the best performers in music history with a track by Yma Sumac. Other performers include Shirley Bassey, Petula Clark, Judy Garland, Tammy Wynette, Ethel Merman, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Mae West, Evelyn Thomas, Grace Jones, Anita Ward, Peggy Lee, . . . 2006 Netherlands
catalog no: 05-08
Probably one of the most unusual releases to have an Yma Sumac track, this 2-CD set of the DR Demento radio show #05-08 with the special topic of Birds was originally sent to radio stations for airplay.  Included under the program's topic was Yma Sumac's Birds from the 1951 Broadway show, Flahooley . . . 2005 United States
catalog no: EAN 0724384782429
Double CD of Easy Listening music features a track by Yma Sumac. 2004 United Kingdom
catalog no: 7243 5 20919 2 8, 7243 5 20920 2 8
2-CD set features songs by the likes of Les Baxter, April Stevens, Peggy Lee and, of course, Yma Sumac. 1999 Spain
catalog no: PRMCD6170
A two disk set containing most of Yma Sumac's Capitol Records material. As with most collections, this release likely did not benefit from licensing or the use of the original masters. 2015 United Kingdom
catalog no: GSS 5482
This 3-CD set advertised as being from Holland but package and disk printing indicate it was made in Portugal. Released in March 2008 and contains 47 tracks, this boxed set contains three standard jewel cases all with the same cover art and no booklet or notes. The box cover is shown. 2008 Portugal
Three disk CD set features 33 standards and easy listening tracks with a song by Yma Sumac 2002 United States
Two disk collection features one song by Yma Sumac on disk 1.  It is interesting to note that in spite the title of this collection, Yma's song was from 1950 rather than 1951. 2010 United States
catalog no: BLUE112CD
From the label that brought the 2-disk CD, Queen of Exotica (the first release to bear the title), comes this collection which features two of Yma Sumac's songs including one of her early 1943 recordings, along with songs by other Blue Orchid artists. 2006 United Kingdom
catalog no: 118734
Anthologie 1950-1959 Compact Disc set of Yma Sumac's containing all of Yma Sumac's 1950's Capitol Records original release catalog. Probably a bootleg as no EMI/Capital Records licensing information could be found. These tracks are included on legitimate releases of all the original albums. 2013 France
catalog no: RO-54372
2-CD set features a song by Yma Sumac although it's not clear exactly which song it is.  It is listed simply as "Mambo" on the track listing and Yma Smac's Mambo recordings were all done in 1954. 2010 Spain
catalog no: GSS 5384
3-CD set featuring many performers as heard in various movie soundtracks. Most sites list this collection as being from the Netherlands but it is likely from Portugal. As with other releases by this label, it is a boxed set that comprises a cardboard slip-sleeve with standard jewel cases inside. 2008 Portugal
This 20 CD collection features full length and short versions of songs by many artists, including Yma Sumac. They contain intro and outro beats for easy mixing for DJs although we have not heard Yma Sumac's track to know whether it is intact or not. 2006 United States
catalog no: BLUE102CD
Double CD collection features remastered tracks from the 1943 Argentina Session along with those from the Capitol Records years. 2005 United Kingdom
Yet another compilation CD with the title of Queen of Exotica making three with that title. This one, which is a 2-CD set, combines four of Yma Sumac's '50s albums. 2005 United Kingdom
catalog no: MANTDCD203
Two CD set compilation containing the likes of Celia Cruz, Tito Puente and of course, Yma Sumac 2003 United Kingdom
catalog no: RGMCD028
This collection of 4 Compact Discs in a single large jewel case contains nearly all of Yma Sumac's catalog but was made in the U.K. without license from the copyright holders including EMI/Capitol Records, ESP-disk and Although it can be found on online sites around the world, its sal . . . 2012 United Kingdom
catalog no: 8712177050550
Three-disk CD collection features many artists with two tracks by Yma Sumac. Most sites list this CD as being from the Netherlands but it is marked as having been made in Portugal just as the others by this label are marked.  Other artists include Esquival, Les Baxter Raymond Scott and many others! . . . 2007 Portugal
catalog no: 0777 7 99701 2 4
Two-CD reissue of Voice of the Xtabay (original eight tracks only), Mambo and Legend of the Jivaro, in one jewel case. Manufactured in Holland for EMI Germany. 1992 Germany
catalog no: B00006IWIC
Two CD set containing the entire Mambo! and Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection CDs, probably as individual CDs in a slipsleeve. 2002 France
Limited Edition 28-CD boxed set in two binders of Universal Music Publishing Group's greatest hits from 1925 to 2000.  Includes a 34-page booklet with forward, introduction, discography, credits & contacts. 2000 United States
catalog no: CTC 2990457
2-CD collection featuring a track by Yma Sumac. 2004 Netherlands
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