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Voice of the Xtabay

catalog no: REG 2007
This unusual 12" LP reissue from England of Yma Sumac's first album, recorded in 1950, has original eight tracks only - it does not include the Inca Taqui tracks as other 12" LPs.  The cover shows a closeup photo of flowers without a photo of Yma Sumac.  The back is fairly plain with title and track listings mainly.

A review is available. A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

EMI-Regal - Monophonic - 1956 United Kingdom   12" LP

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      side one

    1. Taita Inty    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:57
    2. Ataypura!    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:58
    3. Accla Taqui    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:43
    4. Tumpa!    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 3:16

      side two

    1. Choladas    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:34
    2. Wayra    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:56
    3. Monos    (trad., arr. Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 2:37
    4. Xtabay    (Les Baxter, John Rose) - 3:16
    5. total play time (approx): 23:17

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