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Omar Khayyam

catalog no: 5615
Video first release, recorded in EP mode (NTSC).  Yma Sumac sings three songs in the film, two of which were written specifically for it.  The third was only a bar or two of Lament from Legend of the Sun Virgin

A review is available. A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Gateway - Monophonic - 1992 United States   VHS Tape

Historical notes
Liner Notes
His poems rang out with calls to seize the fullness of live.  And he didn't just write the words.  He lived them.  The man who created the commandly beautiful quatrains of The Rubaiyat was also a far-thinking scientist and a bold military leader.

Omar Khayyam dramatizes the remowned Persian's heroic life and times.  William Dieterle, whose credits include The Story of Louis Pasteur, Juarez and other films about great lives, directs this epic story highlighted by Khayyam's ingenious defense of the Empire when it's threatened by deadly conspirators.  Cornel Wilde plays the title role.  And Debra Paget is the beauty who inspires Khayyam's much-loved line: "a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou beside me, singing in the wilderness."

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