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Recording Details
Further Studies in High Fidelity

catalog no: SAL 9027
Boxed 12" LP compilation demonstration recording and mastering techniques. Booklet includes details about each track and performer

A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Capitol Records - Monophonic - ca.1955 United States   12" LP

Historical notes
Liner Notes
Notes about Yma Sumac from booklet:

Track 2: Yma Sumac with the Rico Mambo Orchestra
Bo Mambo
4 trumpets, 5 saxes, trombone, piano, bass, drums, bongos, timbalis, conga, marimba

If it would not be too indicative of a certain prejudice, we would like to suggest here that we forget the sound and just listen to Yma Sumac, whose range still surprises us.  However, on second or third playing, it would be well to check your equipment for excessive boom on the bass thumps at the opening, before Yma starts.  And there are plenty of percussive sounds even in the middle bass range, which are a nice test for unsuspected cabinet resonances; they are relatively the same loudness and should so reproduce.

In passing, observe that plenty of echo has been used on Yma Sumac's voice, thus emphasizing its throaty quality.  The orchestra, on the other hand, is recorded with quite a close mike and less echo, making it more present and in contrast to the soloist.

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    1. Bo Mambo!    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 3:17
    2. total play time (approx): 3:17

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