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Recording Details
Presenting Yma Sumac

catalog no: 81050
Reissue of earliest recordings from 1943, part 1 of two disk set. This pressing has ads on the back for other Coral releases and no liner notes.

A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Coral Records - Monophonic - 1953 United States   7" EP

Historical notes
Liner Notes
This release does not have liner notes
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      side one

    1. Virgenes del Sol    (trad. arr. Jorge Bravo de Rueda, Moisés Vivanco) - 3:21
    2. Qué Lindos Ojos    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:18

      side two

    1. Cholitas Puneñas    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:17
    2. Picaflor    (music: Rosario Huirse Muñoz, lyrics: Carlos. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:18
    3. total play time (approx): 10:14

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