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Recording Details
Capitol Record, The - A Souvenir of the Capitol Tower

Interesting and seldom seen EP narrated by George Fenneman, features clips from various Capitol Records' artists.

The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Capitol Records - Monophonic - ca.1952 United States   7" EP

Historical notes
Liner Notes
The Capitol Tower rising dramatically above famed "Hollywood and Vine," is the world's first circular office building, a new focus of show-business activity, an improving West Coast landmark.  Most importantly, perhaps, it is a symbol of exciting growth and progress.

For Capitol Records is truly a dynamic young organization.  Since its founding in 1942 it has become, all around the world, a leader in the field of recorded entertainment.  In this album you can hear the musical history of that rapid rise to eminence.  This is "The Capitol Record."

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