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Recording Details
Especially For You

catalog no: JOM-1027-12
This collection of live material spans Yma Sumac's career. It is so far unreleased commercially.

A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

ShamLys Production - Stereo - 2009 United States   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
     Once in a lifetime a voice comes along like no other. Yma Sumac was that voice. Born in Peru in the early 1920s, Miss Sumac developed a prodigious range by singing with nature: with the animals, birds and the wind.
     This Compact Disc collections brings together for the very first time some of her extremely rare live performances. The tracks on the CD were gathered from collectors around the world and cover many decades of her career from the earliest in Peru to those more recent performances. Then or now, her voice and style have never failed to rouse the audience into rapturous applause!
     This was meant for you, especially for you, with love. We hope you enjoy it!
  1. Ay, Ay, Ay - Town Hall 3/22/75 (Osman Perez Freire)
  2. Especially For You - Ancienne Belgique Theatre, Brussels 12/21/90 (Yma Sumac)
  3. Huayno - Ballroom 3/8/87 (Yma Sumac)
  4. Fenesta Che Lucive - Town Hall 3/22/75
  5. Amor - Argentina radio live broadcast 1942
  6. El Trinar de Las Aves - Town Hall 3/23/75
  7. Neapolitan Song - Köln 1992
  8. Sunrise, Sunset - Town Hall 3/22/75
  9. Cueca Chilena - Bucharest, Romania 1961 with Cholita Rivero (Moises Vivanco)
  10. El Huaquero - El Cine San Martin de Cajamarca May 13 1973 (Miguel Paz)
  11. El Manisero - Town Hall 3/22/75
  12. Don't Let Me Die Without Your Love - Ballroom 3/8/87 (Yma Sumac)
  13. Pa, Donde Vas - Town Hall 3/22/75 (Yma Sumac)
  14. Moscow Nights - Town Hall 3/23/75
  15. La Leyenda del Beso - Town Hall 3/23/75
  16. Mio Babbino Caro - Lewisohn Stadium 6/25/53 (Giacomo Puccini)
  17. Señor - Town Hall 3/22/75 (Yma Sumac)
  18. Try To Remember - Town Hall 3/22/75 (Schmidt/Jones)
  19. My Real True Love - Ballroom 2/21/89 high F (Yma Sumac)
  20. Clair de Lune - Lewisohn Stadium 6/25/53 (Debussy)
  21. One More Kiss - from Follies, Long Beach, California 1990
  22. Didn't You Know I Loved You? - Ancienne Belgique Theatre, Brussels 12/21/90 (Yma Sumac)
  23. Queen of the Night Mambo - Cine Cacique, Porto Alegre, Brazil 1959
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