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Recording Details
Karibe Taki

Yet another compilation of material from Yma Sumac's Capitol Records years.

The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Traditional Lines - Monophonic - 2004 France   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
It is not known if this release has liner notes.
  1. Karibe Taki
  2. Indian Carnival
  3. Accla Taqui
  4. Choladas
  5. Baquita
  6. Ataypura
  7. Kon Tiki
  8. Kuyaway
  9. Lament
  10. Montana
  11. Amor Indio
  12. Kinkajou
  13. Xtabay
  14. Taite Indy
  15. Monos
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