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Recording Details
La Voz de Oro Canta el Alma de los Incas

catalog no: LD-1045
The Voice of Gold Sings the Hymns of the Incas. Early 10" release from Peru containing tracks from Yma Sumac's 1943 Argentina recording session. Several releases used this same cover art which features a still frame from the 1954 Hollywood film, Secret of the Incas but with a different track selection.

The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Odeon - Monophonic - ca.1955 Perú   10" LP

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Liner Notes
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      lado a

    1. Amor Indio    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:16
    2. Picaflor    (music: Rosario Huirse Muñoz, lyrics: Carlos. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:18
    3. Waraka Tusuy    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 3:19
    4. A Ti Solita Te Quiero    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:22

      lado b

    1. Carnaval Indio    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:27
    2. Cholo Traicionero    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:52
    3. Virgenes del Sol    (trad. arr. Jorge Bravo de Rueda, Moisés Vivanco) - 3:21
    4. Un Amor    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 1:41
    5. total play time (approx): 20:36

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