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Recording Details
E Allora Mambo!

catalog no: IRMA 4954842
Film soundtrack from Italy, story is a comedy of errors about a bank mistake giving a man a fortune into his account. Somehow, two Yma Sumac tracks are woven into the score. Screenplay by Fabio Bonifacci.

The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

IRMA - Monophonic - 1999 Italy   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
It is not known if this release has liner notes.
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    1. Malambo No. 1    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 2:53
    2. Taki Rari    (Hernán Braña, Billy May) - 1:47
    3. total play time (approx): 4:40

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