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The Arias . . . and More

Collection of extremely rare recordings of rehearsals and a live performance by Yma Sumac.  This collection contains classical pieces being learned that she rarely, if ever, performed in concert along with an actual live performance from 1954 with yet other classical selections.

A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Unknown - Monophonic - 2010 United States   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
It is not known if this release has liner notes.

    Rehearsal tape with coach, Yma Sumac's home, 1953:

  1. La fille du regiment: Chacun le sait (Ciascun lo dice; Everyone knows it; sung in Italian: Donizetti)
  2. Madama Butterfly: Un bel di, vedremo (One beautiful day, we will see: Puccini)
  3. Gianni Schicchi: O mio bambino caro (O my dear father: Puccini)
  4. La Wally: Ebben? Ne andrò lontana (Well then, I shall go far away: Catalani)
  5. Tosca: Vissi d'arte (I lived for art: Puccini:)

    From Live Concert, October, 1954:

  6. Ouvre ton Coeur (Serenade Espagnol; Open Your Heart; sung in Spanish: Bizet)
  7. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Traditional Spiritual)
  8. Tu ca nun chiangne (You who does not cry: Neapolitan song: De Curtis)
  9. Tumpa (Earthquake)
  10. Creole Waltz (instrumental)
  11. Wayra (instrumental, Dance of the Wind)
  12. Coquettes (instrumental)
  13. Pachamama (instrumental)
  14. Yma's Lament (Moisés Vivanco)
  15. Kon Tiki (Moisés Vivanco)
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