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Recording Details
La Princessa Inca

catalog no: Play Music - 0000
Bootleg release of the 1961 album, Recital, which was originally pressed in Bucharest, Romania and licensed exclusively for reissue through ESP-disk.  This Peruvian release was made without license or permission of the copyright holder. The booklet notes are both in Spanish and in English.

A review is available. This item or the material it contains is available in the Shopping area of this site. In some countries, such as the United States, where the public domain laws are different, this may be considered to be a Bootleg release. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Play Music - Stereo - 2011 United States   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
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    1. Amor Indio    (arranged by Moisés Vivanco) - 3:06
    2. Goomba Boomba    (Billy May) - 3:56
    3. Hori Canastitai - 2:41
    4. Marinera    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 3:16
    5. Wambra    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:15
    6. Supay Taki - 3:27
    7. Cueca Chilena    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:27
    8. Montana Mama    (Moisés Vivanco) - 4:06
    9. Serenata India - 2:22
    10. Ataipura    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 3:24
    11. Chuncho    (Moisés Vivanco) - 6:51
    12. Taita Inty    (Moisés Vivanco, Les Baxter) - 5:55
    13. Llama Caravana    (trad. arr. Moisés Vivanco) - 2:27
    14. total play time (approx): 48:13

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