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Recording Details
Live in Cajamarca, Peru 1973

catalog no: JOM-1027-7
Live performance from an open venue in Cajamarca, Peru. After Yma Sumac's 1971 Miracles recording was released, she returned to Peru for several years and this is one of her rare public appearances during that time. Unmastered, this archival material was recorded from the audience and has talking and other noises of the crowd which make it all the more enjoyable to hear in its original setting.

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Historical notes
Liner Notes
This non-commercial release has no liner notes
  1. Introduction (announcer)
  2. La Molina
  3. Introduction to Montana
  4. Montana
  5. Introduction to Noches de Moscú
  6. Noches de Moscú (Moscow Nights)
  7. Ccori Canastitay
  8. Introduction to El Huaquero
  9. El Huaquero
  10. Introduction to La Pampa y la Puna
  11. Pampa y la Puna
  12. Closing (announcer)
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