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Live in Chicago at Ruggles Cabaret & Bar

catalog no: JOM-1027-4
After Yma Sumac's 1887 shows at New York's The Ballroom and San Francisco's Theatre on the Square, she also performed at several other venues including this 1988 show in Chicago at the then-new Ruggles Cabaret. This Archival CD was made from an amateur tape of one of the performances.

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Historical notes
Liner Notes
Sumac's Voice Belies Her Years
Although the voice may be somewhat less extraordinary than in the past, such failings are to be expected when a body stares 65 years in the face. But Yma Sumac is still capable of unleashing her vaunted and storied five-octave range. The results are still nearly as awe-inspiring as they were in decades past. "Such voices happen only once in a generation," wrote a bygone critic from a bygone newspaper, and Yma's is still quite remarkable if, for nothing else, because this is not the sort of voice one generally encounters in a nightclub.

The voice may even be less extraordinary now than the persona whose mere presence causes adoring fans to almost weep. Yma Sumac appeared starting Wednesday, November 9th through Saturday, November 19th, 1988, at the then-new Ruggles Cabaret & Bar in Chicago.

Elegance is in style at Ruggles Cabaret. Chicago's newest listening room, situated in the mammoth Royal-George Theatre complex, offers a refreshingly sophisticated alternative to the brassy, yet burgeoning Halsted Street bar scene. Within the Royal-George Theatre center, almost a city within a city, you can have a traditional English dinner at the adjoining Cafe Royal, see a play next door, sip a drink or two at the handsome wooden bar or listen to music at Ruggles-all under one roof.
  1. Tumpa (instrumental)
  2. Introduction: Ataypura
  3. Don't let me die without your love
  4. Especially for You
  5. Montana
  6. My real true love
  7. Ay, Ay, Ay
  8. Didn't you know I loved you?
  9. La Molina
  10. La Molina (reprise)
  11. Yma Speaks
  12. Jungla
  13. La Pampa y La Puna
  14. Malambo No. 1
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