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Recording Details

catalog no: SIR004LP
Miracles vinyl reissue with two previously-unreleased tracks that were not heard on the original releases and, before now, were heard only on the 1998 CD release, Yma Rocks! but from a different mix. This new LP was made from the original master tapes and is being released here for the first time specifically for the Australian market.

A review is available. A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Omni Recording Corporation - Stereo - 2011 Australia   12" LP

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      Side 1

    1. Remember    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 4:08
    2. Medicine Man    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 3:05
    3. Let Me Hear You    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 2:27
    4. Tree of Life    (Les Baxter) - 2:56
    5. Flame Tree    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 2:46
    6. Savage Rock  ***   (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 3:27

      Side 2

    1. Magenta Mountain    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 3:03
    2. El Condor Pasa    (D.A Robles, J. Milchberg) - 4:54
    3. Parade  ***   (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 3:12
    4. Zebra    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 2:51
    5. Azure Sands    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 2:37
    6. Look Around    (Les Baxter, Yma Sumac) - 2:18
    7. total play time (approx): 37:44

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