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The Far Horizons (includes Secret of the Incas)

catalog no: KR 20025-5
Soundtrack score of the Charlton Heston film The Far Horizons also includes the score from Secret of the Incas starting at track 17. Yma Sumac's songs are not in the score.

A review is available. A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Kritzerland - Stereo - 2013 United States   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes

Here's the plot: A legend says that the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a starburst of gold and jewels was stolen from the Temple of the Sun many centuries ago. The legend continues that the empire will be reborn once the treasure is returned. Now, an adventurer is seeking the treasure, as is his nemesis. The adventurer wears a brown leather jacket, a fedora, tan pants, and an over-the-shoulder bag and revolver. Sound familiar? Can we say Indiana Jones?

But this was 1954, and the adventurer was Harry Steele, played by Charlton Heston. But Secret of the Incas was definitely an inspiration for the Indiana Jones series. Deborah Nadoolman, who did the costumes for Raiders of the Lost Ark, has said that the makers of Raiders watched the film several times, and that Indiana's costume was absolutely inspired by Heston's.

Secret of the Incas was and is a fun picture. Shot on location in Peru at Cuzco and Machu Picchu (the first major Hollywood film to shoot at those locations), with a great cast that, in addition to Heston included Thomas Mitchell, Robert Young, Nicole Mauray, and the then very popular exotic singer, Yma Sumac. Helping to make it so much fun is the film's musical score by David Buttolph. Like Hans J. Salter, David Buttalph is a bit of an unsung film composer. Buttalph was born in 1902 and over the course of his extremely prolific career he scored hundreds of films, including some pretty great movies such as This Gun for Hire, The House on 92nd Street, Somewhere in the Night, 13 Rue Madeleine, The Brasher Doubloon, Kiss of Death, The Enforcer, House of Wax, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Phantom of the Rue Morgue, Long John Silver, The Lone Ranger, The Horse Soldiers, and PT 109. He also moved into television scoring, working on such series as Laramie, Wagon Train and The Virginian.

Buttolph's score for Secret of the Incas is exotic and adventure-filled like the film. Because of Yma Sumac's involvement, it was decided to use a piece of music that was from one of her albums, specifically "High Andes" by Moises Vivanco. Buttalph used it sparingly, but in the end Sumac's recording was used for the film's main title. For this CD, we present Buttalph's arrangement of it in his own setting. Otherwise, Buttolph has memorable themes of his own, underscoring all the adventure, romance and thrills. For this CD we present all the surviving film cues in glorious stereo sound.

- Bruce Kimmel


The Secret of the Incas section begins with track 17 and there are two bonus tracks for the film.

  1. Prelude (parts 1 and 2) 3:07
  2. Native Music # 1 (alternate) 01:17
  3. Elena Arrives 02:09
  4. Cocktail Music # 2 03:37
  5. By the Campfire 04:09
  6. Dance to the Sun 01:38
  7. Pilgrimage (part 2) 01:14
  8. Elena and Harry Quarrel 02:05
  9. Native Dance # 4 01:05
  10. Sunburst Stolen (part 2) 02:42
  11. Morgan's Death 02:25
  12. End Title 00:16

Bonus Tracks

  1. Tango 01:05
  2. Cocktail Music #5 00:37
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