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Recording Details
The Voice: Vol 2

Another great collection of previously-unheard cuts from Yma Sumac's private collection courtesy of Mr. Damon Devine of

The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork. - Stereo - 2013 United States   Compact Disc

Historical notes
Liner Notes
This release does not have liner notes
  1. Goomba Boomba (live Puerto Rico, March 6th, 1958)
  2. 0 Mio Babbino Caro (live, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, July 28th, 1953)
  3. La Bamba (private recording, ca. 1950, Inca Taki Trio)
  4. Fenest che Lucive (live Town Hall, May 23rd, 1975)
  5. Wayno (live Marine Room, Edgewater Hotel, Chicago, January 21st, 1953)
  6. lnca Waltz (live Ayacuch0, Peru, March 21st, 1953)
  7. Caminito del Indio (live ca. 1950, Inca Taki Trio)
  8. El Trinar de las Aves (live Town Hall, May 22nd, 1975)
  9. Malambo No. 1 (early version in F, live 1953, venue unknown)
  10. Suray Surita (live Oct. 1950, venue unknown)
  11. Cueca Chilena (live ca. 1950, Inca Taki Trio)
  12. Señor (live Town Hall, May 23rd, 1975)
  13. Babalú (private recording ca. 1950)
  14. Clair de Lune (live 1953, venue unknown)
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