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Recital (Live 1961) [Bonus Track Version]

catalog no: ASIN: B01LEGDESS
Yet another digital download bootleg containing the 1961 live tracks from Recital with bonus tracks from 1943 as found on Early Yma Sumac: the Imma Sumack sessions. As is typical of bootlegs, the release country is unknown and no actual record label company information could be found.

This item or the material it contains is available in the Shopping area of this site. In some countries, such as the United States, where the public domain laws are different, this may be considered to be a Bootleg release. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Sauvage Recordings - Monophonic - 2016 France   Electronic Download

Historical notes
Liner Notes
This release does not have liner notes
  1. Taita Inti (Hymn to the Sun) [Live 5:51]
  2. Wambra (Ecuador Traditional Song) [Live 3:12]
  3. Ataypura (The Voice of the Andes) [Live 3:21]
  4. Montana Mama (Our Mother the Mountain) [Live 4:03]
  5. Supay Taki (Enchanted Flute) [Live 3:26]
  6. Amor Indio (Indian Love Song) [Live 3:02]
  7. Hori Canastitai (feat. Cholita Rivero) [Live 2:38]
  8. Serenata India (Indian Serenade) [Live 2:18]
  9. Goomba Boomba [Live 3:48]
  10. Cueca Chilena (feat. Cholita Rivero) [Live 3:25]
  11. Llama Caravana (Llama Caravan) [Live 2:18]
  12. Marinera [Live 3:14]
  13. Chuncho (Forest Creatures) [Live 6:46]
  14. Un Amor (One Love) [Bonus Track 1:41]
  15. Amor Indio (Indian Love Song) [Bonus Track 2:16]
  16. La Benita [Bonus Track 2:47]
  17. A Ti Solita Te Quiero (I Love Only You) [Bonus Track 2:20]
  18. Cholo Traicionero [Bonus Track 2:53]
  19. Waraku Tusuy (Bonus Track)
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