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Amor Indio

catalog no: CD 62 056
This CD compilation features tracks from Yma Sumac's Capitol Records sessions and is not to be confused with the unrelated cassette and 12" LP of the same name. The material on this compilation was drawn primarily from the Mambo! and Legend of the Jivaro albums with two tracks from the live Recital album.

A copy exists in the Archives in case there are specific questions about it. In some countries, such as the United States, where the public domain laws are different, this may be considered to be a Bootleg release. The Tiki logo is not on the actual artwork.

Saludos Amigos - Monophonic - 1994 Italy   Compact Disc

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Liner Notes
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    1. Batanga-Hailli    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 1:35
    2. Shou Condor    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:46
    3. Indian Carnival    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:04
    4. Cha Cha Gitano    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 3:48
    5. Jungla    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 2:25
    6. Carnavalito Boliviano - 2:05
    7. Jungla    (Moisés Vivanco, Billy May) - 2:25
    8. Sejollo (cut)    (Moisés Vivanco) - 1:52
    9. Nina    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:14
    10. Yawar    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:30
    11. Sauma    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:41
    12. Sumac Sorateña    (Moisés Vivanco) - 1:52
    13. Sansa    (Moisés Vivanco) - 2:48
    14. Aulléy    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:41
    15. Hampi    (Bill Hitchcock) - 3:06
    16. Wanka    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:10
    17. Cueca Chilena    (Moisés Vivanco) - 3:27
    18. Amor Indio    (arranged by Moisés Vivanco) - 3:06
    19. total play time (approx): 48:35

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