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Legend of the Sun Virgin
Legend of the Sun Virgin
Original release: DDN-299 - 78 rpm Album
Recorded: September 1951

Review and Analysis of Legend of the Sun Virgin by Nicholas E. Limansky
From Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend
used with permission - all rights reserved, © Nicholas E. Limansky
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By 1951 Yma had reached a peak in her preoccupation with introducing as many startling sounds as possible into her numbers.  Her technique had completely solidified and her repertoire of effects had grown to prodigious proportions.  Unfortunately, she often relied on those effects to provide her brilliance.  Interestingly, after Legend of the Sun Virgin her recordings show a maturing selectiveness in her use of effects.  As an example of her extensive battery of bizarre vocal effects, however, Legend of the Sun Virgin is a powerful entry and did much to promote and establish Yma as the Queen of exotica.

Additional notes: recorded in Hollywood, California, September 1951 and released in January, 1952.  Additional tracks on 12" LP recorded at the same time and released with that format in February 1956.

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