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Review, Analysis and Recordings Containing
Gopher Monophonic
Also known as Gopher Mambo  (Konrad Gozzo, Billy May - 2:14)
Recorded in 1954

Review and Analysis of Gopher by Nicholas E. Limansky
From Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend
used with permission - all rights reserved, © Nicholas E. Limansky
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Although this song has a ridiculous title, it too, is one of the best songs on the album.  This is a vivacious, hip-wiggling song, notable for Yma's unfailing attention to rhythmic and consonant accents and their subtle variations.  Although the piece conjures up pictures of Carmen Miranda  balancing a fruit basket on her head as she gingerly bumps and grinds, it is infectious music.  Throughout three octaves, Yma's singing is flawless and has a true joie de vivre.

It opens with crisp chords by the brass choir followed by [flautist] Hernán [Braña] providing his unique, exclamatory grunts.  Yma sings the first of two installments of the melody, which has the "words": "A coo chee bow, chip, chip, chee bow bow!"  After this she takes off in a volley of Queen of the Night-like staccato ascents to high F and then alters her vibrato effectively for another thematic fragment and its variation.  The conclusion is operatically brilliant and in the best humming tradition of Lily Pons.  While sustaining a high C, Yma subtly closes her mouth and then flips up to a sustained high F in pure head voice.  This note is dramatically cut off by Yma closing her mouth and capturing the hummed tone inside - a most unusual effect.

Gopher  is included on the following releases
catalog no: ASIN: B002B2LZWC
Another collection of download only tracks that includes several of Yma Sumac's early South American recordings along with her later cuts from Capitol Records. Interestingly, the makers of this release chose to use English translations for some of the songs but the track listing shown here has been . . . 2008 United Kingdom
Download-only version of Yma Sumac's Mambo!, probably a bootleg as no EMI/Capital Records licensing information could be found. These are the same tracks that can be found on legitimate releases of Mambo! but in a different order. The exact country of origin is unknown. 2013 Australia
catalog no: AMR381
Download-only version of Yma Sumac's 1954 Mambo recordings. 2010 United Kingdom
catalog no: ASIN: B002GM2RAQ
A download-only collection of recordings that includes several of Yma Sumac's early songs from South America along with her later material. Although the exact country of origin is vague and it seems to appear most often on sites in Germany, the record label seems to be located in the United Kingdom. . . . 2006 United Kingdom
catalog no: EAP 1-564
Fourth album 1955 United States
catalog no: EAP 1-564
One of Yma Sumac's most popular albums, Mambo! was released many times over around the world. This French release is part 1 of a two part EP. 1955 France
catalog no: EAP-1-564
Australian pressing with Optional Centers, which were molded as part of the disk in such a way as to be removable. They allowed the EP to be played on a turntable without the need of a spindle adapter but once broken out, the center could not be put back in again. 1955 Australia
catalog no: H-564
This particular release was the first pressing of Yma Sumac's fifth album and both then when it was new, and now, it is one of her most popular albums. 1954 United States
catalog no: L-564
As with most South American pressings, this release from Brazil was made by Odeon. 1955 Brazil
catalog no: H-564
Unusual South American pressing with woodgrained borders 1955 Argentina
catalog no: EDD 1011
Only release of a live performance, the 10" LP features voice intros for some tracks.  The Romanian intros were not on all 12" pressings, although some did have them. 1961 Romania
catalog no: T-564
A reissue, first 12" LP release of fourth album with additional tracks from Capitol vaults 1956 United States
catalog no: M-11892
Reissue of fourth album with additional tracks from Capitol vaults.  This is an abridged version (as noted on the lower back sleeve) which is missing Cha Cha Gitano from side two that is found on most other 12" LP and later reissues. 1979 United States
catalog no: 599331
Some later reissues of this title were abridged and had only ten tracks but this one is complete with eleven. 1987 France
catalog no: 7 80863
Reissue of fourth album which had only eight tracks, with additional tracks from Capitol vaults to fill the larger 12" LP format 1987 Greece
catalog no: UV-120
Another vinyl release by the Italian company which already released Voice of the Xtabay, Inca Taqui and Legend of the Sun Virgin on vinyl. 2005 Italy
catalog no: 7243 8 317161 3
Double LP Compilation from Greece features tracks from Voice of the Xtabay, Mambo! and Legend of the Jivaro 1971 Greece
catalog no: 6121672
Collection with many different artists features one track by Yma Sumac. 2005 Italy
catalog no: CDP 7243-8-37 595
CD with one track by Yma Sumac 1992 United States
catalog no: 623091
This compilation features tracks by various artists including two by Yma Sumac. The record label and country of origin are unknown to us so if anyone has additional information, please let us know. 2006 United States
Chuck Barris led a double life as a CIA operative with Yma Sumac in the soundtrack 2003 United States
catalog no: PS39015
A collection featuring tracks drawn primarily from Yma Sumac's Mambo! (1954) and her Legend of the Sun Virgin (1952) albums with several others from various albums and singles. 2007 Germany
catalog no: ASIN: B002R110H2
Compilation by various performers contains two songs by Yma Sumac, both of which are from her 1954 Mambo! album. This CD is actually from Europe but we cannot locate any details about the label. Several sources selling it hint that it is from Australia so that is how it is listed here. 2009 Australia
catalog no: 2711402146
Unusual Compact Disc collection from Greece, apparently available for only a single day as a promotional by a weekly newspaper. Packaged in a long DVD-type sleeve. 2008 Greece
Two convicts on the run find themselves hiding out in the backwoods of Texas with Yma Sumac in the soundtrack during their adventures? 1999 United States
When prospective fathers-in-law Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas) and Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks) meet for the first time to celebrate their children's upcoming marriage, the cake hits the fan. Yma Sumac's music is in the soundtrack. 2003 United States
catalog no: DZS-093
Compilation with a track by Yma Sumac 1995 United States
catalog no: CD-2116
Contrary to the title, this is a compact disc reissue of a concert that took place in Bucharest, Romania and not Russia. The original LP pressed in Romania on the Electrecord label was called Recital and used the same cover art although the colors were different and the photo was in black and white. . . . 1992 United States
catalog no: 724353118822
Compilation with Peggy Lee, Julie London and others with a track by Yma Sumac.  Made for sale exclusively at Pier 1 Imports stores. 2001 United States
catalog no: 724353118822
One of two releases with this title, this one was released by EMI Special Markets for a more general release while the other was made for exclusive release by Pier 1 Imports stores.  Both also share the same UPC. 2001 United States
catalog no: 4832692
EMI Rarities reissue of fourth album from France 1995 France
catalog no: 0777-7-80 863-2-1
Reissue of fourth album, first CD reissue 1996 United States
catalog no: 0777-7 8063-2-1
CD reissue on the Capitol Right Stuff label. From Canada, this release has a clear tray rather than a solid yellow one as found on the U.S. releases and has advertisments behind the disk. Image at the right shows the cover in the tray with the Valu Plus text showing from below.. 1996 Canada
Peruvian CD-R reissue of Mambo! using the Fuego del Ande cover art.  It is not known if this is a promotional release or a homemade CD-R.  2000 Perú
catalog no: TK-504
Compact disc made from vinyl sources pairs two records on one disk, with the two original cover arts on opposite sides of the CD packaging.  It is interesting to note that this CD has the uncut version of Sojello which has not been heard in that form since the early releases after which the master . . . 1994 United States
catalog no: CREVO 48 CD
Compact disc compilation with previously-unreleased tracks including several instrumentals.  This is a great compilation but is hard to find. 1997 United Kingdom
catalog no: CRREV175
Reissue of popular collection from England. Not to be confused with the reissue using the same cover art, this CD is a compilation that features previously unreleased material. 2002 United Kingdom
catalog no: PMP 012
Sampler of twenty-two tracks features Yma Sumac on two of them. 1996 United States
catalog no: CD-12 532
Part of a series of public domain CD releases from Promo Sound, formerly listed here is being in Italy but their business headquarters are in Ireland. 1996 Ireland
catalog no: 7567 83316 2
Motion Picture Soundtrack (or is it?) with a variety of artists including one track by Yma Sumac 2000 Germany
catalog no: ASIN: B001P5MG6A
Collection from the United Kingdom features tracks ranging from Yma Sumac earliest material from 1943 to 1954 at the height of her career. Includes tracks from Voice of the Xtabay (1950), Legend of the Sun Virgin (1952), Inca Taqui (1953) and Mambo! (1954) and also included are her two singles from . . . 2009 United Kingdom
catalog no: 796 642-1
Contains Voice of the Xtabay and half of Mambo!, volume one of two 1991 France
catalog no: UPC: 9399603213827
Film soundtrack recording contains an Yma Sumac song as the first track. 1999 Australia
catalog no: CD 31507
Another compilation featuring selections from Yma Sumac's first four Capitol Records albums. This release is part of the Entertainers of the World series. Although the country origin is not stated anywhere on the packaging inside or out, the publisher is located in Ireland. This release does not hav . . . 2009 Ireland
catalog no: PB039
A collection of tracks by various artists from EMI / Capitol Records vaults and marketed exclusively by Pottery Barn as part of their small but interesting music library. 2002 United States
catalog no: 1087927
Another collection containing tracks by many artists, including Bas Sheva, Les Baxter, Esquivel and, of course, Yma Sumac along with many others.  There are twenty-three tracks on this collection, listed only as being from the European Union. 2007 Netherlands
catalog no: 3128692
Limited edition, subtitled Nova 1956-1980, seems to show unusual years for the Yma Sumac songs that are included, which have no relation to their original releases. Both are from her 1954 Mambo! album. 2007 France
catalog no: 23351
76 Hits and Rarities from the goddess of Exotica. More details and track for this September 2012 collection coming soon. 2012 United Kingdom
catalog no: ISBN: 0091836409
Interesting boxed set with hardback cookbook called The Cosmic Feast along with a 12 track CD. Package illustrations by Mambo artist, David McKay. There is one song to each Zodiac star sign with Yma Sumac's Gopther Mambo featured for Scorpio. Shown here is a B/W version of the book cover. 1997 Australia
Although this double CD has the tracks in a different order, it is basically the CD version of the LP, The Very Best of Yma Sumac, and is one of the few known pressings from Greece. 2003 Greece
catalog no: EAN 0724384782429
Double CD of Easy Listening music features a track by Yma Sumac. 2004 United Kingdom
catalog no: GSS 5482
This 3-CD set advertised as being from Holland but package and disk printing indicate it was made in Portugal. Released in March 2008 and contains 47 tracks, this boxed set contains three standard jewel cases all with the same cover art and no booklet or notes. The box cover is shown. 2008 Portugal
catalog no: 118734
Anthologie 1950-1959 Compact Disc set of Yma Sumac's containing all of Yma Sumac's 1950's Capitol Records original release catalog. Probably a bootleg as no EMI/Capital Records licensing information could be found. These tracks are included on legitimate releases of all the original albums. 2013 France
catalog no: BLUE102CD
Double CD collection features remastered tracks from the 1943 Argentina Session along with those from the Capitol Records years. 2005 United Kingdom
Yet another compilation CD with the title of Queen of Exotica making three with that title. This one, which is a 2-CD set, combines four of Yma Sumac's '50s albums. 2005 United Kingdom
catalog no: 0777 7 99701 2 4
Two-CD reissue of Voice of the Xtabay (original eight tracks only), Mambo and Legend of the Jivaro, in one jewel case. Manufactured in Holland for EMI Germany. 1992 Germany
catalog no: B00006IWIC
Two CD set containing the entire Mambo! and Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection CDs, probably as individual CDs in a slipsleeve. 2002 France
Limited Edition 28-CD boxed set in two binders of Universal Music Publishing Group's greatest hits from 1925 to 2000.  Includes a 34-page booklet with forward, introduction, discography, credits & contacts. 2000 United States
catalog no: CTC 2990457
2-CD collection featuring a track by Yma Sumac. 2004 Netherlands
catalog no: 4 M-11 892
This is the first, and as far as we know, the only cassette reissue of Yma Sumac's fourth album.  She toured and performed in several U.S. cities as part of the promotion, inclusing The Ballroom in New York and Theatre on the Square in San Francisco.  Abridged, this cassette release is missing Cha . . . 1987 United States
catalog no: TVT1320
Shown at the Cannes, Turin, Toronto and other film festivals, uses some material by Yma Sumac in the soundtrack. 78 minutes. Director: Nanni Moretti 1998 Italy
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