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Virgenes del Sol
Virgenes del Sol Stereo Monophonic Duophonic
Virgins of the Sun, which Yma Sumac first recorded on a 78 rpm acetate disk in 1943 for the Odeon label in Argentina. This version was recorded in 1959 by Capitol Records.  (trad. arr. Jorge Bravo de Rueda, Moisés Vivanco - 2:51)
Recorded in 1959

Review and Analysis of Virgenes del Sol by Nicholas E. Limansky
From Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend
used with permission - all rights reserved, © Nicholas E. Limansky
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Only two songs stand out - if for differing reasons.  "La Pampa y la Puna" (The Plains and the Mountains) and "Virgenes del Sol" (Virgins of the Sun).

"Virgenes del Sol" is the "out of place" song of this album.  Especially when set next to all the popular numbers.  Part of the problem is its abysmal arrangement.  Whereas in Yma's other albums there was always one song that did not fit with the surrounding exotica, this piece of pseudo-exotica does not fit with the other popular songs of the album.

This underlines the basic problem Yma experienced due to her concentration on exotica.  After audiences and record buyers became acquainted with Yma, they grew accustomed and expected to hear her in that repertoire - especially after her attempts with more standard music.  When Yma discarded her Incan warbles it was inevitable that audience interest would wane as well.  A concession to those tastes, this song fails to do what was intended because of its cheap treatment.

The song is pitched a third lower than the original version [that] Yma performed with the Compania Peruana fifteen years earlier.  The orchestration is updated; an electric guitar replaces the acoustic guitar, and a bass, rhythm section, piano, wailing women, and grunting men are used to round out the piece.

Although Yma's singing is supposed to be brilliant, it is not.  There are some uncomfortable moments of off-pitch singing in her high register.  Poorly sung, this should never have been released.  It is a pathetic attempt to recapture the glory of a past triumph.  It is a gaudy, commercial, banal performance in the extreme and not representative of what had once been one of Yma's best performing numbers.  Nowhere can one find the beauty and simplicity of the Odeon disc made in 1943.

Virgenes del Sol  is included on the following releases
catalog no: AMR536
Another collection featuring tracks from Yma Sumac's various Capitol Records releases of the '50s. This release is available only as a download. 2010 United Kingdom
catalog no: EOS-90089
This unusual LP compilation from Japan, of South American music, features such performers as Inti-Sumaj, Cristina y Hugo, A. Yupanqui & V. Jara, P. Gimenez y su Conjunto Paraguayo, R. Gonzalez, R. Galarza, A. Yupanqui, Quilapayun and, of course, Yma Sumac. 1965 Japan
catalog no: ST-1169
Release from Venezuela of Yma Sumac's six album, recorded in 1959.  Though not dated, we believe this pressings dates back to the original release from 1959.  It is interesting to note that, though stereo masters were available, this release is in Duophonic, which was Capitol Records' simulated st . . . 1959 Venezuela
catalog no: T 1-1169
This Peruvian release of Yma Sumac's sixth album possibly dates back to 1959, though we are not sure.  We are sure that this was her most popular recording there since it features folk music familiar to many people throughout South America.  Interestingly, the liner notes are in English while Sou . . . 1959 Perú
catalog no: ST-1169
Sixth album, this stereophonic version had many tracks recorded separately from the monophonic versions. This was Yma Sumac's first stereo recording. 1959 United States
catalog no: T-1169
Sixth album, different recording session than stereo version on many tracks. 1959 United States
catalog no: T-1169
Only known release from Italy of Yma Sumac's six album, recorded in 1959. Though not dated, we believe this pressings dates back to the original release from 1959. 1959 Italy
catalog no: T-1169
This Brazilian pressing of Yma Sumac's last Hollywood recording was pressed by Odeon S.A. for Capitol Records and has a built-in vinyl sleeve protector on the jacket. 1959 Brazil
catalog no: CP80016
Only known release from Japan of Yma Sumac's sixth album, recorded in 1959.  Though not dated, we believe this pressings dates back to the late '60s. 1969 Japan
catalog no: T-1169
Reissue of sixth album 1985 France
catalog no: SL-9799
Red-tone cover photo, available mail order only 1988 United States
catalog no: E-ST 23368
Compilation album by Capitol Records spotlighting their artists.  There are no liner notes but instead, jacket shows photos of most of the stars with Yma's photo being on the back, lower left. 1972 United States
catalog no: 8326812
Serialized collectors compact disc from France, though actually manufactured in Holland. 1995 France
catalog no: 7243-8-32 681-2-2
Reissue of sixth album, monophonic masters used by mistake 1996 United States
catalog no: 7243-8-32 681-2-2
Reissue of sixth album, stereo reissue but not indicated as such anywhere 1996 United States
catalog no: 7243-8-32 681-2-2
Reissue of sixth album, stereo reissue, marked as such on disc only 1996 United States
catalog no: 02282
Collection containing tracks from Yma Sumac's early South American sessions along with several cuts from her last album for Capitol Records. It also includes two instrumentals by unknown artists and it is also available as an electronic download. 2010 Columbia
catalog no: ASIN: B00IWUL4EQ
Compact Disc version of Yma Sumac's Legend of the Jivaro and Fuego del Ande. Probably a bootleg as no EMI/Capital Records licensing information could be found. These tracks are included on legitimate releases of both albums. The exact country of origin is unknown. 2014 United Kingdom
catalog no: CREVO 48 CD
Compact disc compilation with previously-unreleased tracks including several instrumentals.  This is a great compilation but is hard to find. 1997 United Kingdom
catalog no: CRREV175
Reissue of popular collection from England. Not to be confused with the reissue using the same cover art, this CD is a compilation that features previously unreleased material. 2002 United Kingdom
catalog no: 7243-8-37 518-2-2
CD single with a track each of the 1996 CD reissues 1996 United States
catalog no: 7243837518-2-2
Reissue of CD single with a track each of the 1996 CD reissues and new cover art to match the Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection 2000 United States
catalog no: PCD-1172
This compilation was the first CD released of Yma Sumac's material 1987 United States
catalog no: CDL 9568
Yma Sumac's first CD, this particlar pressing of the compilation was from Canada. 1987 Canada
catalog no: CDL 9568
Yma Sumac's first CD which in this case is a compilation.  This is a later reissue. 1991 United States
catalog no: CD 72 435-21 434-2-9
Compilation 2000 United States
catalog no: Promo
Compilation Promotional edition, Mfg. by Imperial Tape Company 2000 United States
catalog no: TOCP 50 037
CD compilation from Japan features a nice cross section of Yma Sumac's '50s material.  Now out of print, it still shows up once in a while. 1996 Japan
This CD compilation is one of the few known pressings from Greece in any format. 1997 Greece
catalog no: 23351
76 Hits and Rarities from the goddess of Exotica. More details and track for this September 2012 collection coming soon. 2012 United Kingdom
catalog no: 118734
Anthologie 1950-1959 Compact Disc set of Yma Sumac's containing all of Yma Sumac's 1950's Capitol Records original release catalog. Probably a bootleg as no EMI/Capital Records licensing information could be found. These tracks are included on legitimate releases of all the original albums. 2013 France
catalog no: B00006IWIC
Two CD set containing the entire Mambo! and Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection CDs, probably as individual CDs in a slipsleeve. 2002 France
catalog no: ECA-148
Reissue of sixth album, this is the only cassette reissue of this album known.  Although there were stereo masters, this release is a stereo conversion from monophonic masters, which were recorded separately from the stereo versions.  Not labeled to be Duophonic as such but clearly not ste . . . 1985 Perú
catalog no: 4 XL-57 080
This brief cassette compilation has one stereo track and is the first time that Babalu was heard since its release as a 78 rpm and 45 rpm single in the '50s.  This cassette contains a good cross section of Yma Sumac's recordings. 1989 United States
catalog no: 4 XL-9799
B/W cover photo, mail order edition. This early release has two addional tracks not found on later cassette reissues. 1988 United States
catalog no: PDK-2-1172
First cassette compilation has two tracks fewer than the compact disc version 1992 United States
catalog no: FE 020537
Contains early 1943 Argentina Session material, along with later Capitol Records tracks 1996 Perú
catalog no: promo
"Selections From the Forthcoming Albums" - this seldom seen cassette tape heralded the reissue of Yma Sumac's entire Capitol Records' catalog in 1996 and was later reissued on compact disc as Sampler Exotica with different, though similar, cover art and the same liner notes. 1996 United States
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