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Welcome to the Yma Sumac Fan Club area of! Unlike fan clubs of the past, this new, modern version of the fan club is here to provide you with up to date news and information about Yma Sumac without the delay that old fan clubs had in mailing a monthly, quarterly or annual member newsletters.

Where is the fan club member login form? It has been moved to the top of every page and, if you are logged in already, it will show your membership status and expiration date as a reminder. Note that a free membership is available only one time for one month only (formerly one year) so we encourage everyone to become a paid fan club member.

Several new features are currently being added including a newly-expanded Events & Shows History area which features downloadable clippings, show programs, photos, ads, previews, reviews and much more.

Add a Classified Ad
As a paid Fan Club member, you can post free Yma Sumac-related Classified ads in order to find or sell that rare recording or other Yma Sumac memorabelia.
Add a Link
You can edit the Link details of your own site by using the Edit Membership entry form, or use this link to add or edit other related outside links.
Clipping Library & Archives
Archives of clippings, including reviews, previews, announcements, flyers, posters and much more, along with a download feature of each.
Event & Show History
Chronological history of events, shows and tours of Yma Sumac's career and now includes many downloadable original documents from the Archives, such as show programs, ads, previews, reviews, photos and even links to recordings if they exist. This is a new feature so be sure to check back frequently as new information and documents are posted.
Member Forum
The Member Forum is viewable by any visitor and available to valid members to post or reply to messages. Share your comments and questions about Yma Sumac and this site here.
Merchandise for Members Only
Special items available for purchase by paid Fan Club members only. Includes items that are not available commercially and are being offered here from the Yma Sumac Archives to collectors.
Photo Albums
Several photo albums of publicity photos and others, including private snapshots.
Sign the Guestbook
The Guestbook is viewable by any visitor and available only to valid members to post or reply to messages. Share your comments about Yma Sumac and this site here.
Update Your Member Entry Details
You can edit your Member entry information at any time. Simply select Edit Membership from the menu to the left while in the Fan Club area.
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