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catalog no: FT-03-0020
Cassette compilation with tracks from early 1943 Argentina Session. The cassette uses Dolby noise reduction and is marked as being stereo though the recordings are in monophonic 1988 Perú
Cassette features tracks from the Extremes of Yma Sumac's career with material from the early 1943 Argentina sessions and the 1991 German Mambo Confusion material. It was never sold and was made for archival purposes only. Only a few copies exist. 1998 United States
catalog no: EG-0777-7-64 764-4-5
This is the cassette reissue of the Broadway musical soundtrack recording. Originally released in 1951 as a 6 disk 78 rpm set and a 4 disk boxed EP set with the 12" LP following around 1955.  It disappeared until a 1977 LP reissue and then this cassette, paired with a compact disc reissue at th . . . 1993 United States
catalog no: ECA-148
Reissue of sixth album, this is the only cassette reissue of this album known.  Although there were stereo masters, this release is a stereo conversion from monophonic masters, which were recorded separately from the stereo versions.  Not labeled to be Duophonic as such but clearly not ste . . . 1985 Perú
catalog no: 1552984
Cassette reissue of Yma Sumac's fifth album, this version from France is the only cassette reissue known 1984 France
catalog no: 4 M-299
Yma Sumac's second album is sung in quasi-classical style.  This is the first cassette reissue.  The original 78 rpm set had eight tracks while 12" LP and later reissues generally had twelve as does this cassette.  The additional tracks were from the same session. 1987 United States
catalog no: 4 XL-57 080
This brief cassette compilation has one stereo track and is the first time that Babalu was heard since its release as a 78 rpm and 45 rpm single in the '50s.  This cassette contains a good cross section of Yma Sumac's recordings. 1989 United States
catalog no: 4 M-11 892
This is the first, and as far as we know, the only cassette reissue of Yma Sumac's fourth album.  She toured and performed in several U.S. cities as part of the promotion, inclusing The Ballroom in New York and Theatre on the Square in San Francisco.  Abridged, this cassette release is missing Cha . . . 1987 United States
catalog no: SACU 8431
This was Yma Sumac's seventh U.S. album recorded in 1971, and the U.K. versions were released in 1971 from an unfinished mix. This is most noticeable on Magenta Mountain, which ends abruptly. 1971 United Kingdom
catalog no: RCOA 40 166-C / 608-C
Seventh album, recorded in 1971 and released in ine U.S. in 1972. This is the Record Club of America release and was packaged in a white vinyl box rather than in the plastic case as most cassettes. 1972 United States
catalog no: M 57 191
Seventh album, recorded in 1971, released in 1972 and the cover art shown here is from the U.K. release but is probably close to this U.S. release. 1972 United States
catalog no: CS-3918
Disney compilation intrepreted by modern performers, Yma Sumac sings one song from Sleeping Beauty 1988 United States
catalog no: 4 XL-9799
B/W cover photo, mail order edition. This early release has two addional tracks not found on later cassette reissues. 1988 United States
catalog no: PDK-2-1172
First cassette compilation has two tracks fewer than the compact disc version 1992 United States
catalog no: FE 020537
Contains early 1943 Argentina Session material, along with later Capitol Records tracks 1996 Perú
catalog no: 4 M-684
Cassette reissue of first album, includes Inca Taqui tracks. 1987 United States
catalog no: promo
"Selections From the Forthcoming Albums" - this seldom seen cassette tape heralded the reissue of Yma Sumac's entire Capitol Records' catalog in 1996 and was later reissued on compact disc as Sampler Exotica with different, though similar, cover art and the same liner notes. 1996 United States
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